BMW E60 2008 compatibility

I am thinking about buying an AutoPi dongle for my car. What is the compatibility like with the BMW E60 2008?

I am most interested in CAN-BUS sniffing to control the windows and locks etc.

The dongle is somewhat costly so I want to be sure it will work. I tried to create an account to browse the public CAN-BUS library but it didn’t show anything for any car, I guess that is because I don’t have a device registered?

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Have the same question about E83 BMW

Hi @1112,

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The AutoPi should work with any car after 2002. To be sure, we’ve made a blog on how you can check it. See here:


@Peter The above link is 404 - not found.
I am also wondering, how do i get to sniff canbus on my 2014 BMW 5 F11.
I’ve got “so far” :slight_smile: on this:

$ obd.dump protocol=6 baudrate=500000 verify=true duration=10
ERROR: Unable to verify connectivity of protocol ‘6’: CAN sending or receiving

Hi @buzzdev,

Thank you for reporting the broken link. I’ve updated the post, so now the link works.

Have you tried our new CAN analyzer? We’ve recently updated the analyzer, so give it a go. First step is to find the right protocol for your car.


Hi @Peter, yes i am trying hard to try it :slight_smile: but it gives me errors only for now. Tried with engine running, engine stopped with acc on,engine stopped acc off.

When i go to CAN sniffer and try to verify the connection, it cannot communicate with the error above.
Proto autodetect detects the protocol 6@500kbps though.

Any hints, please?