Best method to get/display real time Autopi sensor data?

Hi everyone. Just received my 3rd gen Autopi a few days ago. I got it because I was excited for the possibility of creating an in-car dashboard to display real-time sensor data like RPM, fuel level, error codes, etc. It seems like this capability isn’t as out of the box ready as I hoped so I wondered if anyone could give me some pointers on how to start to get real-time data from the Autopi. I’ve read the guides on creating an in-car display that would show the online dashboard page, but what I’m actually wanting is a way to get real-time data or close to it. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I use the local MQTT broker for my project. This means that Autopi sends all (almost all, events not) data to this MQTT broker. And then you can subscribe this MQTT Topics and transfer this data to a GUI. I am currently reading up on Pyside6 and QT6. With this I want to show the data on a 4" display.

See here for my last try. But still end, because the Display is broken

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