Beginner question! Just need clarity

Ok so my question is for a bit of clarity. I purchase the Autopi and some features come preinstalled right? Then if I want to add more features like parking assistance I purchase the hardware such as proximity sensors and the like then install the necessary software and it’s good to go? Im sure its not that easy as plug and play but just for this topic. If I want to add more like lets say a window down when temperature reaches a certain point I purchase the hardware which I don’t know at this moment what that would be but anyhow I buy the hardware, install it on the vehicle, install the software on the Autopi and with a bit of tinkering voila it’s good to go? So what im understanding is that the Autopi is the starting point like a computer and I buy upgrades and addons separately right? Also as a newbie but somewhat experienced tech junky what is the recommended Autopi I should purchase. I own several RasPi’s 3 model B+ running several programs like Ubuntu, Kodi, and Raspbian among others so I know my way around them. Also let’s say money is not an issue which it is but just to get a sense of how much I would have to spend. I want to add many features as possible with remote connectivity and always on if possible. What would someone recommend me to purchase being my first one but im not looking for a beginner’s starter kit. I want a great somewhat advanced kit that I can add many features to it to make my car a “Smart Car”. If you can please give me the complete advanced starter kit package that you would use in your car if you drove a 2000 Toyota Corolla CE. Thank you community for your time in reading and helping me out. Im sorry for writing so much but I have been looking all over the web for something that will make my car somewhat of a smart car with endless possibilities.

Simple answer to all of these questions is typically “No.”

Not much works out of the box unless someone in the community did the work to set up your vehicle. The community is small and not super active due to difficulty getting value out of the device. Being an older common model might help you, but looking at the “Car Explorer Library” there are no 2000 entries and I don’t know enough about Corolla to say if the 03-09 specific PIDs would work. Common OBD entries are there, which should work. If you could find a DBC or even a list of codes you might have even better luck.

As far as advanced stuff for any car, it’s a hard “No.” Those are just ideas and to date very few, if any, actually have tutorials. At the end of the day, it’s marketed as a simple CAN interface device/service but it’s really a hobbyist item. You need to be well versed in 12v accessories, Raspberry Pi hardware, and even software development.