Battery Volts (No data available)

I am not seeing battery volts data on my dashboard, but when I check obd.status I see the data.

Hi Nathan

This is a known issue, caused by a change in the message format after dashboard logic was initially made.
I expect to get to work on it in the coming weeks.

Best regards

@Malte can we have a category named: Known Issues

I think that way bug and fixes can be tracked easier.

Like for example in addition to this Battery Volts bug, there a bug on the profile section where address is not saved.

Installed AutoPi yesturday, but get “No data available” for Fuel level and Battery voltage in Trips. In Dashboard there is “No level”, but a battery Voltage.
So I searched a bit and found this topic. Is this issue still not fixed or do I need to do some customization?

Hi Salmen

The battery voltage should be logged and visible in the dashboard, but the fuel level very much depends on whether or not your car supports that OBDII PID.
We are working on an improved way of retrieving data from the car, so that it can support different ways of retrieving the same type of data, on different cars.

You can try to run the following two commands in the web terminal to see if any errors are occurring when logging.


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