Battery drain of Opel Astra in less than an hour

Subject of the issue

My car got its battery almost fully drained (not enough to start) after around:

  • 15m of 1st usage and failed attempt to configure my phone’s wifi AP with the car engine on
  • 60 minutes with the car shutdown/parked

Your environment

I’m not feeling like turning on the device to check. I’m confident you can figure it out from kickstarter order, it’s a DIY edition.
Used latest release of autopicore.

Steps to reproduce

I don’t know of it’s relevant, but the only thing I did was a forat connection by SSH to change the default password, and configure my phone’s AP wifi on the local UI, but it never connected to it. When I came back to the car after a while shutdown I was curious to connect to the default AP.

Expected behaviour

It should manage the power to detect that the car is off and not drain its battery like it did, obviously.

Actual behaviour

Drained the car’s battery in just an hour.

I am not sure how is it safe for me to attempt to use the device again and maybe help you guys in figuring out what happened… not feeling like asking for the neighbour firemen to push my car to make it start every day :slight_smile:

Hi @luisfaceira,

Thank you for your report. This does sound very strange, but I don’t think this is related to the AutoPi.

I can see you report this issue with a DiY device. It’s hard for us to debug this when we don’t know what you have added on top of the board. Is it a Zero, is it a RPi3 or is it something else?

What I can tell you, is that with the standard AutoPi setup the vehicle battery is never drained. We have many vehicles running worldwide with the current setup. And the AutoPi will never be able to drain your battery in just 60 minutes. A typical battery has many hours of usage before it drains.

My best guess is that your battery is faulty or that something electrical is wrong on your vehicle.


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