Basic Trip Extract and Export Tool (KML or CSV currently supported)


Hi All,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a tool that I have created based on my experiences with the Cloud API.

Currently it supports exporting trips in the form of CSV or KML.

Instructions are as follows:

  1. Install .NET Core
    Others (windows, mac, linux):

  2. Clone my repo at:
    Feel free to fork it, if that is your thing.

  3. open a terminal, command prompt, whatever with the “dotnet” executable linked/in your path and execute

dotnet run --project

For example on a Pi:
pi@PI1:~/data/source/ $ dotnet run --project

Or windows:
C:\data\source\garage\>dotnet run --project

You will be prompted for your credentials, and then you can choose the dongle (from a list) and then a trip (or all trips) for that dongle and finally the format, either KML or CSV. I will export to the current working folder.

If you dont see a file generated, it probably means there was no location data available for that trip, just choose another.

To view the files: Google earth for KML and Excel for CSV.



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