Bandwidth Testing with AutoPi & iPerf


Hey all, I’ve recently been inspired by a Github repo I’ve come across called DRIST ( ), that uses a utility called iPerf (, to map available bandwidth with physical location.

I’m thinking about implementing this on my AutoPi, and I’m curious if anyone else sees value in it, or would be interested in collaborating.

This falls in line with a project I worked on in the past that would allow users to test their home internet connections, and see where they stood in relation to other users. Fine-grained bandwidth data (that is accurate) is sorely lacking here in the States, and if this functionality could be added, either as a community mod, or something more official, there could be a lot of value in that data.

At any rate, if you’re interested in collaborating, post in this thread! Thanks!


Hi, i just succeed to get the strength of the connection, that’s in my point of view a good indication because i dont need a lot of bandwidth.
To do this i make a custom code with this :

def get_signal():    
    args = []
    kwargs = {}
    return __salt__['ec2x.cell_signal'](*args, **kwargs)