Autopi with ABRP live data


A better route planner now has live data support directly from a bluetooth LE enabled dongle. Can autopi provide this signal? Does it support bluetooth LE? And what would we need to do you enable this?



Please support team, are you able to answer this basic question?

Hi @Maarten_van_der_Veen ,

No, the AutoPi does not support downloading data through Bluetooth. Is there a specific project you’re working on? Maybe we can help you find a way to achieve what you’re trying to do without Bluetooth.


I want to be able to have A Better Route Planner to use live data from my car to improve the route planning.

This is a new feature in ABRP but since the autopi is plugged into my obd slot, I have to use autopi to create the Bluetooth feed, or remove autopi all together and switch to a simple obd bluetooth lte dongle.

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Is Bluetooth the only way to feed data into ABRP? If not, you could get the necessary data from our API.

You can integrate ABRP into AutoPi very nicely already.
Go to settings → Car model → click on “gear” settings icon → scroll down to this button and follow instructions :slight_smile:

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