AutoPi Triggers Car Alarm

Subject of the issue

When AutoPi is connected to the DTC, after locking the Vehicle, the Car Alarm Triggers.

Your environment

[AutoPi Telematics Unit - 4G/LTE Edition (AP01003) Edition 2

Steps to reproduce

I am trying the dongle in an MG HS Phev I acept this is not a listed vehicle, and am going to be a guinea pig, but been able to lock the car, might be a good start :slight_smile:

Expected behaviour

Able to lock car, with alarm sounding.

Actual behaviour

Alarm sounds.

Just curious. What’s your battery voltage? I had a 2005 Celica and whenever my battery was near death the alarm was very sensitive.

Could be the slightest additional drain after the power is cutoff is causing this issue. If this happens with the power still on then obviously something else is occurring.

I’ve been reading on the MG and it is possible that polling the BCM when locked triggers the alarm

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