AutoPi Telematics - DIY Edition


So I am new to rasberry pi and Im having trouble with a couple things and I will highlight them below:

  1. How to I get the Unit ID to register it with the There is only a small 6 Digit code on the back when the website prompts for like a 20 digit ID
  2. When I place it in my car, will I always need to connect my hotspot or how can I boot it up straight to the autopi dashboard and have it sleep when I leave my car (say at work or so)
  3. I basically have it so right now the rasberry pi default (computer desktop) boots when it has a powesource but Im lost on where to go from here cuz I cant get the ID and I have no idea what the SSH stuff is
  4. What power supply do I need, i have an old phone charger plugged into the Pi but ive read so many conflicting alternatives as to where I plug this in ( AutoPi Telematics Unit - DIY Edition)

A very in depth response is appreciated!

Any info is helpful - thank you in advance

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