Autopi size of data base and raw data

Hi autopi team,

  1. Is there any size limit for my obd-dataloggers on the autopi-server. I don´t want, that somewhen my data is deleted without my knowledge.

  2. Is there a way to get the raw data. When I use the I don´t get the exact time the data was logged. It is nice, but it is not the raw data…

Thank you


try the raw endpoint
let field = “obd.power_of_charge”

url = “”+


Hi Chris,

thank you, needed 1 or 2 hours to get it work, why?
When you use logbook/storage/read you must query for obd.bat_soc.value
When you use logbook/storage/raw you must query for obd.bat_soc

I updated my Excel-Macro GetDataFromWebAPI.xlsm as well:

yep i agree, i am hoping that these threads will provide some guidance to others. the lack of documentation is a little frustrating but once you get there it is all good.

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If you are concerned about loosing data I would suggest you set up a cloud mongo atlas account. The free tier has up to 250gb and enough processing for anything you may need. The nice thing about it it has ability to create serveless functions (ie functions you can host on the db). It is very cool. It means you do not need any other servers to maintain the data

Thanks, but I am an old fashioned offline guy. I just want to download to my :floppy_disk: :wink:

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