AutoPi image location

I desperately want to get into my AutoPi and do some poking and programming to see what I can make it do but I would like to be able fix it if I break it and to do that I need the image file for the SD card.
Am I missing the download link somewhere here or is it not available?

Hi for the moment the image is not available, you need to contact the support

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We don’t have an image ready for download yet, but we are working on building an updated version that you can write to the SD card yourself. But as each autopi is approved in our system, and this is currently a manual step, we have a few things to resolve before we can push one image that fits all.

The absolute easiest way is for you to just backup the SD card.

Ok, Thank you for the help!
I will be looking for that image when it ready!!

Ok :slight_smile:

(Remember that you can access the SD card yourself - You do need to disassemble the unit, but the SD card can be accessed pretty easily after unscrewing the 4 screws, removing the top cover, and lifting the board out of the bottom)