AutoPi GEN 2 connection overview

This is a diagram showing the connection possibilities of the AutoPi

  1. Upstream USB connector to RPi
  2. GPIO Jumper to force 5V on RPi always (disables sleeptimers from hardware)
  3. OBD Connection to car
  4. JST connector for external speaker
  5. GPIO Pins for RPi and external connection
  6. SIM card slot for modem
  7. USB connectors for external use

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Hi Peter,
do you have any info what is the current draw limit on USB ports?
I would like to drive a Nextion LCD over it someday.
The USB ports are probably also unpowered when Rpi is sleeping/hibernating?

Hi @Nejc_Koncan

We dont recommend driving high powered equipment from the USB ports. As such it should be possible, but will cause strain on the device. The limit of the USB hub is around 500mA, but could go higher. I’m not familiar with the specs for the Nextion LCD.

Both ports are unpowered during sleep/hibernation.


Hi @Peter,
thanks for the info. The big LCD that I have in mind draws 510 mA at 100% brightness.

I’ll be using a different power supply for it and only power a relay via USB ports then.

Thanks for the info!