AutoPi DIY - struggling to get it all setup

Recently received the AutoPi DIY model with a Pi ZeroW. All wired up and able to connect to the automatic WiFi AP created by the module.

However, despite connecting to the local WiFi OK, the system seems to then switch off and I am unable to do anything at all with it - the local UI provides no functionality.

I have read a guide on how-to setup, but it does not get me to anywhere of any use and I am struggling to work out what I need to do to either be able to use the thing locally or hook it up to AutoPi Cloud - not to mention that it immediately switches off!

Any help would be appreciated and apologies if this is asked time and time again - I don’t seem to be able to find the answers with the search terms I am using!


Hey there. Do you have an EV? If so, they are working on a fix because if AutoPi can’t read engine rpm it goes back to sleep.
If it’s an ICE, make sure the engine is running.

You can extend the times how long AutoPi should stay on in settings - dongles - advanced on
Hope it helps?

Hi Sam

How are you powering your device?

Here is a guide that goes through the steps of powering it with a “lab” powersupply.

As @Nejc_Koncan says, if the engine is not turned on, it will go back to sleep after 5 minutes, but the above link also shows how to prevent it from going to sleep.

NOTE: Please do remember to enable the sleep timers again afterwards, for instance by running the power.hibernate command, which will turn off the device, and then the next time it starts, it will have the sleep_timers configured again.

Best regards