AutoPi compatibilty with built in Remote Car Starter / Intelligent Key

Hello Guys,

I’m driving a 2014 Nissan SUV car which has a remote starter functionality through NISSAN INTELLIGENT KEY System, More details of the functionality can be found here.

My question is can I use the 4G AutoPi dongle to replicate these features? Since the hardware is already part of car system, will it be plug and play functionality?

  1. Remote Engine Start / Stop
  2. Door Lock & Unlock
  3. Open Trunk & Close

Regards Ariz

Hi @Ariz,

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The AutoPi should be able to replicate the functionality of any command flowing on the CAN bus. Typically commands from the key flows directly on the CAN bus and thus the AutoPi should be able to intercept this. However, some manufactures may have layer of security built in the vehicle and the key (like rolling passwords and so on). This means that it’s hard for us to guarantee that you will be able to replicate these features, but I’d guess that if it is possible, then the AutoPi is one of the devices that can do it.

Hope it was the answer you were seeking.


Alright thanks for the input, I have ordered a 4G module last night, cant wait to have this delivered so I can test.

Just one more question, with the 4G module, if the car starter works, then can I start the car from anywhere right? On the Homepage i saw that it can operate from 100 meter distance. Please clarify.

Hi Ariz

Regarding the build ideas on the website, you are correct, if they can talk together, you can do it from anywhere. (The 100 meters distance is used because that’s the theoretical distance of bluetooth 4.0, which is the wireless technology we propose using for proximity in that build example case)

I hope that clarifies :slight_smile:

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I’m looking to purchase AutoPi for car locking/unlocking, would like to know how was your progress in locking and unlocking the doors of your Nissan vehicle.

Sarthak Sethi

I would be looking to get the Remote Start Feature enabled for my late model Lincoln (no TCU modem installed) with push button start. I like the idea of the Raspberry Pi and controlling the payload if I wanted to change where my data goes. Currently I am deciding between the AUtoPi and Smartlink ( After lots of reading in the forums I see various responses on what works with the AutoPi and what is purely a programming endeavor or wish list. Has anyone successfully gotten a Ford/Lincoln with push button start working with AutoPi? (if you have, what all did you need to do to get it working?) I know the Smartlink dongle has to have the dealer program a key into the system via IDS and then the unit will remote start the vehicle using an app. I like the privacy idea with AutoPi versus other commercially available devices, but I want to make sure that I can remote lock/unlock and start the vehicle as that would be my starting goals for the funds I would initially spend.
Thanks in advance.
Dave H