AutoPi 1.0 hardware changes?

Hi there! I’m new here (I’ve just bought AutoPi dongle a few minutes ago), but just after that, I’ve registered on “My AutoPi Cloud” and I’ve noticed that cloud version is 0.9. That got me thinking. If AutoPi 1.0 version will be released soon, should I buy dongle after that, or the hardware will stay completely the same all the time? I would love to be one of the testers, I just don’t want to buy the item a few weeks before the hardware changes. And about shipping: How long does it take for autopi dongle to ship to me? I’m not in a hurry or anything, i’m just asking for future project planning :stuck_out_tongue: . And keep up the good work! You’re all amazing!

Hi Ziga

We don’t have any planned hardware changes.

The versions refer to the cloud platform, which has most of the features.
It is continually updated, and everyone has access to the most recent version :slight_smile:
We ship using DHL express, and they are pretty quick, a few days to a week i would say for shipping, with a lead time of a few weeks.

Thanks man!

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