Autodetect odb2 not working

AUTO DETECT ODB2 stopped working

Hi, I have bmw e92 2013. And obd2 protocol was previouslly autodetected.

I did one software update, and stop working. I had to refresh create new iso for other issues. And now I realised previous loggers are not working (said it’s not for my car), and don’t know which protocol to use. Autodetect is running with no ending.
Why worked in the past? And why is not working now?
I tried several odb2 protocol because no idea which is the good one for my car.
What can I do? Thank you.

Hi @Nil_CG

This issue should be fixed in the latest release of Core

Software update on the 25th of October - Various bugfixes and improvements to the frontend and the API

Please make sure your device is up to date. If the problem persists, then please reach out to


Thank you Peter, unfortunately is not working. Software is up to date.


Because there was no activity for a while at the topic I close it. If your problem still exists or find another one, please do not hesitate to open a new topic or mail to

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