Auto.pi minion offline announcement [Solved]

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Hi, everytime I turn the ignition on I get an announcement about minion is offline, and 4g is offline.
How can I disable these messages?

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My version is 2021.03.10

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Can I expand on this and offer suggestion/feature request related?

Right now, you can only turn audio announcements on/off; it’s global.

It’d be much more helpful if we could tweak these individually in the GUI with a checkbox. eg,

minion status: [ ] online [ ] offline
network 4G:    [ ] online [ ] offline
hibernation:   [ ] entering 

(i can’t remember all the messages right now). For me, i’d like to be able to turn off most messages, other than when they’re really important to me (realizing what’s important is different for each individual).

I’ve had to shut off the announcements altogether, but would have liked to have left some of them still activated.

Hi all,

@zivrot: As per explained by @d2inco audio announcement can be disabled from the AutoPi Cloud->advanced settings->Audio->Speak Alerts

@d2inco: Really cool idea, about individually selectable announcements. We have added this to our roadmap. I cannot say exactly when it will be implemented but keep an eye out for the software update release notes.



Thanks for the support and the FR!


I don’t understand why the question is about turning off the announcement and not solving why the Minion and 4g are offline. Shouldn’t they be online?

My AutoPi even with my SIM card starts off as “AutoPi Minion Offline” but it usually gets online fairly quickly. It does NOT say that the “4G Offline” which is odd too. The announcer/check might just be a hair faster than the Pi resolving network connectivity?

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