Auto Hibernate when Car Parked

How can I program AutoPi to go into Hibernation mode after 10 minutes of inactivity when I park the car? My car is a Toyota C-HR Hybrid with two batteries, the 12V is small (45AH) and it discharges very fast with AutoPi in sleep mode since the car remains standing in the garage several days a week, and I would be interested at the moment, using AutoPi only with the car running, since in sleep mode, I see a battery draining, from 12.6V to 12.3-12.2V in about 3 days with the car parked. Autopi wakes up one or two every 24 hours, about 5 min.
The vehicle is only one and a half years old and I have never had any problems with the two batteries.
In My Autopi, I observe alterations in battery discharge events, 80%, low to 60%, up to 70%, thus constantly, both in Events, Dongle Status and with power status command. Thanks!

Hi @atlantisworld,

All these settings can be controlled under the advanced settings.

You can find these under settings->dongles->advanced->power

Please be aware the changing the power settings could affect the performance of your device.