API to get logger formulas

I’ve been trying to download my loggers. Looking at https://api.autopi.io/ I believe I should be able to use GET /obd/pids/ but this always returns missing device parameter -


Is there an issue with this API ?


Hi Peter

It seems that the API documentation is missing the device parameter, this is of course an error in the documentation.

If you add the device parameter to the query string, you should be able to call the endpoint.

Best regards

Thanks. But I still see -

curl --silent --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Authorization: bearer xxx' 'https://api.autopi.io/obd/pids/?device_id=yyy'

["missing device parameter"]

( real auth & deviceid removed )

Hi Peter

The device parameter is just “device”, so like this instead.



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Great, thanks, that works.