API - Multiple fields for /logbook/storage/read/


Hi All,

Just wondering if there is a mechanism that I can use to get all of the “raw values”… for a Trip or DateTime range.

I would like to specify a Trip Id and possibly a list of Fields and have the API return back all of the field values for that trip; and/or for a Device (with date range).

The reason for this, is I want to plot a trip on a Map. So I need the raw location readings for the single trip. Now I want to change the color of the line based on the Speed of the vehicle (imagine a gradient from black to red, the more red it is, the faster the vehicle was travelling), and then finally I want to draw circles on the map where the Accellerometer had “significant” events, or big changes; possibly indicating pot holes.

it seems like logbook/storage/read and storage/raw only allow one field, and its tied to the device (and not trip).

Any help is appreciated.