Any news regarding Hyundai Kona EV and AutoPi?

Is it any progress from AutoPi, or is it only from the users?
I have a Hyundai Kona EV and the AutoPi dongle, but now it’s nearly useless.

Jan Petter

Hi Jan Petter,

Thank you reaching out.

I’m not familiar with any issue with Hyndai Kona EV. In the latest release of the AutoPi Core, we’ve made some great improvements for you to control the power settings, based on the EV events from your car. See this post:

If you have something we can assist you with, then you can also always reach out to, they can assist you with getting everything setup correctly.


You’re joking, right?

Hi @orcinus,

With the AutoPi comes a lot of possibilities to customize everything on your own. This involved power settings of the device. The device ships with power settings tailored for keeping your battery in safe condition.

However, if you modify the settings and go custom, then we cannot guarantee what will happend. This is also why we always recommend that you only change the power settings, if you know what you are doing.

We have a lot of EV cars running all the time, without problems. The Kona is one of the most popular models on our community.

If you have issues with you device or your setup, we will always assist you with investigating what is wrong. For this you can always reach out to


Please explain, then, how “custom settings” can produce these:

You’re a small team and there are lots of cars, i get and understand that.
But this is absolutely not a justification to handwave issues away as user error.

Also, pumping out hardware revisions without investing into making your software stable, usable, and bug free does not make you seem more professional. It makes it seem like you’re running out of cash. Finally, considering this is not a fully open source project (no matter how much you’d like to think it is), you really should not behave like one.

I’m sorry for the harsh words, but look at it from my perspective: i’ve had the autopi in my glove compartment more than it’s been plugged in. So far, it’s been nothing more than a toy - a hobby project to play with over the weekends, because it’s just not reliable enough for real use. And it’s not exactly like i’ve got it for free, have i?

Rant over.

Hi @orcinus,

We dont mind your review of our device. Every feedback is welcome.

Please explain, then, how “custom settings” can produce these:

Sure, its fairly simple actually and there is lots of ways to configure the device to misbehave. If you change the critical power level of the device below 12.2V, then there is a chance for the device to drain your battery. Again, this is why we dont recommend changing these settings, unless you are absolutely sure you know what you are doing.

The AutoPi is built to make sure your battery does not drain. As I said earlier, we do have many thousands of cars using our device daily with out problem. Perhaps the issues you are seeing is not related to the AutoPi, but something else?

I’m sorry to hear that your device is residing in the glove compartment and that you dont think its reliable enough. We frequently make new releases of the both the AutoPi Core and the AutoPi Cloud, with new features and bugfixes.

As you, know the AutoPi Core is open source, so you even have the chance to push changes to the code if you see something odd. I believe we are one of the only companies with an Open Source approach to this.


There might have been a misunderstanding somewhere…
The increased load errors showed up while driving. While driving, on most electric vehicles, including Kona, the 12V bus is powered from the main battery (the one that drives the power train).

The heartbeat / watchdog issue has absolutely nothing to do with sleep settings (in fact, you can’t change anything about it, as far as i’m aware). It also has nothing to do with voltages.

The entertainment system crashes occurred during driving, again, while the 12V bus was powered by a 64 kWh main battery that powers the drive train.