[Added] Vehicle not listed in my garage on my.autopi.io


In order to add a vehicle to my garage, one must select a make and model. I don’t know how this is used or may be used in the future but my vehicle model is not on the list. There is also no way to add a model. Therefore, I had to chose an incorrect model in order to add to my garage.

Before this is ever used in any meaningful way, there should be allowance for adding models.


Hi Tim

We considered making it possible to add new models, but doing so will require us to either implement guards against ‘dirty’ data, to prevent duplicates, and plain wrong models, and some kind of moderation of the data.
The make model data is being used internally to categorize what commands are supported by the car (this is still very much in progress though…), so we are very interested in keeping the data as ‘sane’ as possible.
No offence to you as a user :slight_smile:

But the downside to doing it this way is of course that we need to make sure the data is updated and has the right makes and models…

What model is missing? - then i can go ahead and add it :slight_smile:

Best regards
/ Malte


Ford Taurus SEL
No offense taken. I’m an IT guy. I totally understand about dirty data.

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Could you pleass add the Liberty as a Model option to the Jeep selections?


Hi @tedgenyc and @ramillsjr,

Both the Taurus and the Liberty has been added as models.