Add Zero Motorcycles to vehicle list

I’m trying to use an AutoPi with my Zero SR, but because Zeros are not in your list I cannot complete my vehicle details. Zero offers the following models (all pure EV):

  • S
  • SR
  • DS
  • DSR
  • FX
  • FXS
  • SR/F
  • SR/S


Hello Steve,

The Zero motorcycles sound like a great addition to our vehicle list.

We have added all of their models into our server and you will be able to complete your vehicle details now.

Have a great day,

Best Regards,
Dragos Ionescu

Hi Dragos

Thank you for this! I’ll try to move on with my tests now.


Did you get to test this?
im interested in what functionalities is available and working with the zeros

Zero is now included in the list of vehicles, but that is all. That allowed me to set up my vehicle. However I have been unable to do anything else. There are no Zero library functions built in.

I haven’t had time to test what data I can read with the CAN bus.

I find AutoPi hard to use.