Activation on Google's Project Fi?

Subject of the issue

Unable to activate AutoPi on Google’s MVNO (T-Mobile & Sprint Networks), Project Fi. I’m using a Project Fi data-only SIM

Your environment

Version: 72f5fd4b
Date: 2018-06-07T08:13:34Z

Steps to reproduce

I enter the Project Fi APN, “h2g2”, save, the change is commited, but no connection.

Expected behaviour

Connection to AutoPi Cloud service

Actual behaviour

Hi @mattgolsen

I’m not 100% sure that the AutoPi will work with Project Fi since its a MVNO. But there is a couple of things we can check to see what the “qmi-manager” is really complaining about. Try these two commands: "qmi-manager down"

and then bring it up again: "qmi-manager up"

The output of the last command should tell us a little more about the connection status.

If that doesn’t work, you can also reach out to, they have some more “tricks” you can do to test the network.


It looks like it was an issue with my sim card adapter. Swapped adapters and it’s working perfectly now, thanks!

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Any details on the brand of SIM card adapter that worked on your successful Project Find data only sim?

I’m having the same initial experience as your 1st attempt.

I order a few different adapter bands to try for Amazon.

How about you? I’m also looking to find a working nano -> micro sim card adapter for Project Fi.

If anyone has a model number that I could use to buy it, that would be great.

Some adapters have foil on one side of it, to help keep the sim card in place, but they did not take the foil thickness in account, so the result is that the adapter is too thick and is very difficult to insert in the sim card slot, ie. you don’t feel the click, and it may get stuck.

It should slide pretty freely, and you should be able to feel the click when pushing the card in the slot.