Accessing other OBD parameters

I would like to calculate EV driving efficiency - this is speed/battery power. Both of these are available but are on different PID’s.

How can I add a formula that depends on different PID’s ?

Torque pro supports variables to achieve this - eg -

000_Battery Current,Batt Current,2101,((Signed(K)*256)+L)/10,-230,230,A,7E4
000_Battery DC Voltage,Batt Volts,2101,((m<8)+n)/10,268.8,403.2,V,7E4
003_VMCU Real Vehicle Speed,Real Speed,2101,k,0,180,km/h,7E2

Then use val{} to derive further results -

000_Battery Power,Energy Draw,2101,val{000_Battery Current}*val{000_Battery DC Voltage}/1000,-90,90,kW,7E4
003_VMCU Instant Driving Efficiency,Energy Consumption,2101,val{000_Battery Power}*val{003_VMCU Real Vehicle speed}/100,0,120,kWh/100km,7E2

Is this possible ?