Access to CAN module readings in VAG EV


I am looking into integrating EV battery charge status with EV charging to report on estimated charge time and kWh required to complete a charge. The test car is a VW Golf GTE and using VAGCOM it is possible to see this data while accessing the CAN module (0x19) while the ignition is off.

What is not clear is how to access the end points (IDE09057 being of particular interest). That is about as much as I can get from VCDS, so I don’t know what IDEXXXXX means and how it is addressed. It does appear to be a pull request for the data.

Has anyone done some work on accessing this type of data (quoted as being at the UDS layer) with the AutoPi? Will I be frustrated at not actually being able to achieve this with the AutoPi software and hardware combination?

Is there such a thing as an OBD-port duplicator, where I can have both VAGCOM and AutoPi connected, so I can then leverage the sniffing and analysis of AutoPi to see if I can make the same requests?

Any of would be very helpful and, of course, anything I find will be shared willingly.

ATB, Sam

Do you mean something like this splitter cable?

Which makes it possible to connect two devices to the OBD port.