Accelerometer? Is it included? How to activate?


I am new to autopi and finally got it installed. When going over some trip reports, I was wondering if an accelerometer is included with the unit. I have the v2 4G unit.

I would like to be able to overlay that on the map and events to see more detail on what exactly is going on.

I reviewed all the included loggers but couldn’t find anything.

Is this available and if NOT, thoughts on implementation?


I see the accelerator in loggers ( and ) -


Is it possible to reset to zero after installation? Or to calibrate it to the installed position?


Here is help from the command. Not sure if this helps or not.

peter26@Kona $

acc.manage: |-

      Example: 'acc.manage worker list *'

acc.query: |-

      Queries a given accelerometer command.

      For additional help run: 'acc.query help'


        - 'acc.query status'

        - 'acc.query xyz'

        - 'acc.query active value=False'

        - 'acc.query range value=4'

        - 'acc.query data_rate value=12.5'

        - 'acc.query offset x=0.1 y=-0.1 z=0'

acc.dump: |-

      Dumps raw XYZ readings to screen or file.

      Optional arguments:

        - duration (int): How many seconds to record data? Default value is '1'.

        - file (str): Write data to a file with the given name.

        - range (int): Maximum number of g-forces being measured. Default value is '8'.

        - rate (float): How many Hz (samples per second)? Default value is '50'.

        - decimals (int): How many decimals to calculate? Default value is '4'.

        - timestamp (bool): Add timestamp to each sample? Default value is 'True'.

        - sound (bool): Play sound when starting and stopping recording? Default value is 'True


        - interrupt_driven (bool): Await hardware data ready signal before reading a sample? De

fault value is 'False'. |-

      Shows this help information.

acc.context: |-

      Gets current context.