(about BoltEV)_ I want the response cycle of each query to be short when there are many workflows

Hello. :smiley:
I want to know Chevrolet Bolt EV battery information.

More than 100 queries are required to get battery information for a Bolt EV vehicle.
This means that many workflows are created within the autopi cloud.

If you’re running a lot of workflows (more than 100), each query takes a long time to get a response.

When there was only one workflow, the response cycle at execution was 0.1 seconds, but for more than 100 workflows, the response cycle was 5 seconds in the same workflow as above.

If I have more than 100 workflows in one cycle (1-2 seconds), how can I get a quick response to each query?

What should I do!?

Thank you :smiley:

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