A Tablet as the local UI for the AutoPI


I am looking at building an app that will run on a tablet Android, iOS that will take data off the AutoPI.

I have created a GitHub repository


This is VERY much in pre-pre-alpha at the moment to demonstrate the technical challenges. (So don’t expect anything to install and run. (I am after dev support and ideas)

My expectation is that it will run on a Pi 3b with a web server on a touch screen, or on a tablet/phone ios/android (I outline help in https://github.com/chrisn-au/auto-pi-ux/blob/master/README.md)

I will fill more comfortable when I have the apps dockerised for easy install and run but for now, the above instructions should mostly work for seeing the tech demonstration and development running on your PC.


I am looking for a volunteer who has a touch screen plugged into a atuopi or rpi3. I have docker containers built now that will allow the pre alpha app to run. Am keen to see how it would perform on a pi enable touch screen

I have created docker images for the x86 platform (arm/pi to come over the weekend).

You can install (once you have docker installed)

docker run --rm -p 1234:1234 -d --name auto-pi-local-testserver chrisnau/auto-pi-local-testserver:0.0.1
docker run --rm -p 5001:80 -d --name auto-pi-local-ux chrisnau/auto-pi-local-ux:0.0.1

After that you can see the one graph by going to localhost:5001

Not much to see but you will have a repeatable test platform