A Guide to Triggers

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i’ve configured event to send email when engine turn ON, everything works but the problem is that system send false positive alarm because when car go in Start&Stop function and i’m stopped at traffic light when I’m start to ready the engine turn on again. How I can filter to notify me the first time to power on the car and not when Start&Stop function are active?

Ah, I see.

I think that can be solved a few different ways.

  1. You may want to change the trigger to listen to another event. You can try looking on the event view on my.autopi.io, if you have an event that you can see is only present once on startup, during a time where you have been driving.

  2. The trigger interval can be changed to a higher value, so that you will only get the event once ever hour or so. That would make the trigger only execute the notification once per hour, which effectively would mean that you should only get one notification per trip.
    But if you drive for longer than the interval, you will still get the event, and if you drive twice in an hour, you will only get the first notification.

And to top it off, I don’t think the interval is even possible to change from my.autopi.io yet.
So i’d say the best option is option 1, if possible.

We will look the events.
I think we really need a consistent event that is only ever triggered when the user is physically starting the car.

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I have configured the slack webhook. Very fun !
How can I use other fields ? I want send to slack the events type and values… or better, all events data.
{"text": "{{ trigger['description'] }} was executed, by device: {{ trigger['device']['callName'] }} event data=???"}
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I have found an interesting webhook message here
{"text": "{{ trigger['description'] }} : {{ trigger['device']['callName'] }} - {{ event['@tag'] }}"}
or more verbose
{"text": "{{ trigger['description'] }} : {{ trigger['device']['callName'] }} - {{ event }}"}

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Is there an issue with triggers lately? I cannot create or update an existing one.

Hi Mark,

Can you please contact support@autopi.io with the issue you are experiencing? They will help you fix the problem :slight_smile:

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