A better instruction on how to mount it (with visual examples)



Really new with AutoPi and one of the first issue I meet is… How do I mount the Auto Pi Device!?
We got some velcro in the package and a hint to mount it with logo side up.

Among the issues I had was thing like the extender was too short and ended up with me having it right next to my legs (hitting it with my knee every time I get in).
At the same time I had some issues mounting it as the instruction said to keep it upright, but when mounting it under the car the antenna will be pointing right into the Dashboard … area (and all the tech and metal within).

After loads of testing and ALLOT of extra Velcro I have finally decided to just put it in the Windshield dashboard (bought a 1 m ODB II extension cable) but it might be useful for new and future users.



Hi @alle090,

Appreciate the feedback. We always welcome suggestions to how we can improve.

We know that our solutions aren’t “bullet proof” for all makes and models. The truth is that there are as many locations of the OBD port as there are car makes. Meaning that it’s hard to find a solution that works for all. I think the one you proposed is good one. We might, at some point, offer an extra-long extension cable on the web shop, for those needing that. I’m not sure which one you purchased, but make sure that all 16 pins are connected, some of the cheaper ones have less connected.

Regarding the GPS. The device should be able to get GPS fix through the dashboard. The only important thing is the orientation of the device. This is due to the position of the antennas inside.

Have a nice day.


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