4G/3G data consumption

Did anyone test data consumption ??


Data usage if used as a hotspot is entirely up to you, but related to data logging then it entirely depends on how many data points you want to log, and how often you want it to be sampled.
This is all configurable by the user, and can be changed to fit almost any requirement.

We are also currently working hard to minimize the data usage. Fortunately there is a lot of ways we can do this. So expect the data consumption to be minimal.

Hallo @Malte

Can you check the data upload volume of my AutoPi, because it seems that during less than 2 weeks of use there was more than 34 Gb of volume and to be honest, this is horrible.

Thanks Armin

Hi Goldjunge4

I have checked our storage, and your device is using very little storage in our database, so it’s definitely not from log data upload.
Can you send an email to support@autopi.io so that we can dig deeper into this?

Best regards
/ Malte

Hi, what is the typical data consumption per month? No hotspot, just logging normal stuff

Hi @sysdev,

The typical data consumption (without the use of the Hotspot) is 50-100mb/month. But it depends a lot on how much data you configure your device to log.